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Privacy Policy

AppStream Website – Privacy Policy


Due to the restructuring of Conduit Ltd. (“Conduit”), as of January 1, 2014, the Software will be operated and provided by ClientConnect Ltd. instead of Conduit. For all intents and purposes, ClientConnect Ltd. will be taking Conduit’s place as the party to the Agreements.

As of January 1, 2014, the Agreements, in their entirety, including all of Conduit’s rights, performance, duties, liabilities and obligations contained therein, will be assigned and delegated to ClientConnect Ltd. You agree and acknowledge that with this assignment and delegation, Conduit is released from all its duties, liabilities, and obligations under the Agreements.

In order to enable your continuous and uninterrupted use of the ClientConnect Software, Conduit has temporarily licensed its registered trademarks and trade names to ClientConnect Ltd. Hence, you may still see Conduit’s trademarks and trade names appearing in the ClientConnect Software, such as in offer screens or on other ClientConnect Software-related pages.

This Privacy Policy governs your use of the AppStream Website located at http://appstrm.com and any software and/or services and/or features provided by ClientConnect Ltd. (collectively, the "ClientConnect Software"). This Privacy Policy explains how ClientConnect Ltd. and its affiliates (together, “ClientConnect”, “we,” or “us”) treat your information and protect your privacy when you use the ClientConnect Software, and the rights and options available to you regarding your information. We believe that you have a right to know our practices regarding the information we may collect and use when you access, download and/or use the ClientConnect Software. All capitalized terms that are defined in the EULA, will have the same meaning when used in this Privacy Policy.


The ClientConnect Software may include various features and content that are offered and delivered to you by the Publisher or other third parties, such as news, messages, and games, as well as features and content that you may choose to add (“Content”). The following are the privacy practices of ClientConnect. Third parties must comply with these policies when providing you with Content that is included, directly or indirectly, in the ClientConnect Software:

Information ClientConnect Collects and Receives.

There are several types of data being collected from you as detailed herein. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY DETAILED HEREIN, IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR YOU TO PROVIDE CLIENTCONNECT WITH ANY PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION TO USE THE CLIENTCONNECT SOFTWARE. “Personally Identifiable Information” is information that identifies an individual, including their login credentials to a third-party website, name, postal address, and email address.

Search Data.

As part of the functionality provided by the ClientConnect Software (through the Toolbar and/or the Search Protect software products), we may collect and store information about your search activity when you use our web search services (such as search queries). This information may be shared with third-party applications that use Search Data to function, or to offer you more customized information and services. The information is collected and stored by Cookies (as explained below) and may include Personally Identifiable Information, depending on your search query. For instance, if you search your own name, Personally Identifiable Information would be included in the search query. BY USING THE SEARCH FEATURES PROVIDED BY US, YOU ARE CONSENTING TO GRANT CLIENTCONNECT PERMISSION TO COLLECT YOUR SEARCH QUERIES, SHARE THEM WITH THIRD PARTIES, AND USE SEARCH-RELATED COOKIES.

Usage Data.

The ClientConnect Software further collects anonymous, aggregated information and non-personal data, such as ClientConnect Software-generated User IDs, User language, Internet Protocol (IP) address, the geographic location of the device from which you access the web, and other ClientConnect Software Usage Data, all of which do not include Personally Identifiable Information. We may use such information, including making it available to our service providers, partners, and other third parties. You may choose not to send ClientConnect Software Usage Data at any time when you disable or uninstall the ClientConnect Software.

Browsing Data.

The ClientConnect Software (including the Toolbar, the Search Protect, and the Value Apps software) may also collect and store information about your web browsing locally on your device, like the web pages that you have visited and the content you have accessed. This locally saved information may interact with the ClientConnect Software and send us information about your web browsing so we can suggest services or provide you with ads that may be more relevant to you, including via our Partners when using the Value Apps software. Only generalized inferences are passed from the ClientConnect Software to our servers.

Please note that when using Value Apps, your Browsing Data may also include information from secured web pages that you have visited. For example, it may include product codes, purchase prices, and coupons used during online purchases. This information may be collected by us and/or by our Partners within Value Apps. Note that we will neither store nor use any of your sensitive information that may appear on secured pages.

Additional Services.

We may combine the web Search Data with other non-Personally Identifiable Information (as further detailed above, e.g. Browsing Data or Usage Data) and if we do, some of the otherwise non-Personally Identifiable Information may become Personally Identifiable Information (for example, see the following section about the Search Protect software). In addition, the ClientConnect Software also takes the form of apps, buttons, or gadgets that we created for your enjoyment. If this ClientConnect Software requires any access, collection, use, or sharing of your information – both your Personally Identifiable Information and non-Personally Identifiable Information, then we will ask for your permission prior to accessing your information.

Search Protect.

Search Protect is a separate piece of software installed on your hard drive in connection with your installation of a Toolbar or third-party software. It is designed to change and protect your preferred Browser home page and default search settings from unintentional takeover by third-party software during redirection of service attacks. Search Protect may alert you if a third party attempts to change your Browser’s default search or home page settings. Further explanation about the Search Protect software is available in the ClientConnect EULA. Search Protect captures some non-Personally Identifiable Information about your Internet Browser, including your Browser search settings, your computer, and companies’ attempts to redirect your search settings, and stores this information with your Search Data (search queries and/or IP address). ClientConnect does not sell or rent the information you provide through Search Protect to any Third Parties. It may share the information with its wholly owned subsidiaries or partners.

Value Apps.

Value Apps is an aggregation, categorization, and optimization platform offering Apps based on your browsing information. Value Apps is installed on your Browser or computer in connection with your installation of a Toolbar or third-party Extension. Value Apps may require use of your Personally Identifiable Information, including your IP address, the web pages you visit, and their content. Notwithstanding any other section of this Privacy Policy, when Value Apps is installed on your Browser, the following information may be collected from you by Trovi and transferred to Trovi servers, and/or shared with our Partners, or collected directly by our Partners: User’s Browser and version, search engine used, content viewed (images, videos, etc.), Browsing Data, Search Data, operating system, Extension name and version, and Usage Data. Notwithstanding the Browsing Data section of this Privacy Policy, Browsing Data with respect to Value Apps may contain all browsing data including, without limitation, URLs.

Your Browsing Data and Search Data are collected and analyzed through the Value Apps platform , and we share such information with our Partners so our Partners or we, as applicable (depending on the App provider), can suggest services or provide you with offers that may be relevant to you according to the data collected and processed.

Value Apps contain Third-Party Apps that the use thereof is governed by their relevant terms and conditions, as referred below. Any active Third-Party Apps on Value Apps may result in you sending information to such Third Parties (Partners) so they may provide you with best offers and customize your experience. Information collected by a Third-Party App provider (Partner) is governed by its relevant privacy policy. Please review the policies of the Partners for information about their data collection, storage, and handling practices, before using any Third-Party Apps, as detailed here.

Information Usage.

ClientConnect may use the information it collects and receives for business and operations purposes in the following ways: to operate the ClientConnect Software and provide you with the ClientConnect Software’s functionality and features; to enable quality assurance, improve the quality of the services, and provide anonymous reporting for internal and external customers; to notify you of ClientConnect Software Updates (as such term is defined in the EULA); to provide us with Usage Data for statistical purposes; to facilitate our operation and improvement of the ClientConnect Software; to improve and customize your User experience of the ClientConnect Software and develop new features; to provide you with support and handle your complaints and/or feedback; to take any action in any case of dispute involving you in connection with the ClientConnect Software; to enforce the ClientConnect Software’s EULA and this Privacy Policy and to prevent unlawful activities and misuse of the ClientConnect Software; and to comply with any applicable law and assist law enforcement agencies when we deem that our cooperation with them is compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Sharing Information with Others. We may share Personally Identifiable Information collected through your use of the ClientConnect Software with others in any of the following cases:

  • If we reasonably believe that you have breached the ClientConnect Software’s EULA, misused the ClientConnect Software, or performed any action that we reasonably believe to be violating the applicable law or rules, or in any case of dispute of any kind involving you in connection with the ClientConnect Software;
  • If we believe that we are required by law to disclose your information, we may share your information with law enforcement or other competent authorities and any third party, as may be required (e.g. to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security, or technical issues; to respond to claims or satisfy any legal process, subpoena, or governmental request; or to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of ClientConnect, its Users, its partners, or the general public);
  • In the event ClientConnect goes through a business transition such as a merger, acquisition by another company, consolidation, change of control, reorganization, bankruptcy, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, your information will be among the assets transferred;
  • We may also share Personally Identifiable Information with our subsidiaries, sister companies, and parent companies, but their use of such information must comply with this Policy.

In any case other than the above, we will share your Personally Identifiable Information with others only if we receive your prior consent.

Aggregated or Anonymized Information.

ClientConnect Software collects anonymized as well as aggregated information, which does not identify you personally. Such anonymized or aggregated information may include technical information related to Users’ computers, applications installed thereon, etc. Such information may be used in any way, including posting, disseminating, transmitting or otherwise communicating or making it available to our partners or affiliates, as well as any other third party.

Third-Party Content.

The Publisher or you may choose to add Content to the ClientConnect Software (i.e. the Toolbar). The Content may be in the form of apps, buttons, gadgets, and other means that are provided to you by third parties. The use of these third parties’ Content is subject to their privacy policies. In addition, ClientConnect, as a platform provider, provides the Publisher and other third parties with a large number of tools to enable them to create interesting and unique apps, buttons, and gadgets using the ClientConnect platform. Some of these tools may give these third parties the ability to access, collect, store, and/or share your information – both your Personally Identifiable Information and non-Personally Identifiable Information. We or these third parties will ask for your consent to access, collect, store, or share your information prior to accessing it. If you have any questions about the Third-Party Content, please contact these third parties before approving and/or using and/or activating their apps.

Social Networks.

You may also choose to activate additional features that provide you with the ability to update and use your favorite social networks directly from the Toolbar. During such activation, you will be asked to grant ClientConnect permission to compile certain information from such social network systems. This information may include friends or contact lists, notes, updates, and photos, and may be used by ClientConnect to customize the Content of your Toolbar, suggest new features and Content that may be relevant to you, or provide ClientConnect with data for statistical purposes. The information you allow ClientConnect to access is that which is presented to you when you choose to activate these features. If you elect to permit ClientConnect to access this information, ClientConnect may be able to see and use this information and such action may change your preexisting privacy settings, however ClientConnect does not have control over privacy settings in your social network account. Please see your social network provider policies for any questions or concerns. It is important to note that ClientConnect does not sell or rent Personally Identifiable Information it compiles from such social networks to any third parties. ClientConnect may provide non-identifiable, general statistical, and demographic information to its Publishers from time to time. You may opt not to grant ClientConnect access to your social network account(s) at any time by changing your social network settings or by not authorizing ClientConnect access.

Third-Party Websites and Offers.

Each Toolbar includes a new search box for your use and enjoyment. In addition, while installing the Toolbar, you may voluntarily opt to change your home page, other search-related preferences, add components, receive notifications and offers, or enable other features provided to you by the Publisher or other third parties (such as the Value Apps which may be provided to you by ClientConnect and its Partners). You can agree or disagree to receive these options. If you disagree, those options will not be activated. Please note that while visiting a website, third parties, including ClientConnect, can detect whether or not the ClientConnect Software is installed in your Browser.


The ClientConnect Software uses Cookies to identify and save various pieces of information about your use of the ClientConnect Software and certain features of the ClientConnect Software. Cookies are packets of information sent to your computer when you visit a website to allow this website to recognize you on your next visit thereon. Cookies may store your preferences and other information, such as the web pages you have accessed, features you have used, and your session durations. For instance, when you access the ClientConnect Software download and installation screen(s), we use Cookies to automatically record information that your Browser sends to install the ClientConnect Software according to your preferences. These Cookies can be removed or blocked altogether from the Options drop-down menu on your Internet Browser. You may always customize the ClientConnect Software according to your preferences by using the Options dialog box of the ClientConnect Software.


To use the ClientConnect Software, you must be at least thirteen (13) years of age. We do not knowingly collect any Personally Identifiable Information from minors under the age of thirteen (13). We reserve the right to request proof of age at any stage, so that we can verify that minors under the age of thirteen (13) are not using the ClientConnect Software. In the event that it comes to our knowledge that a person under the age of thirteen (13) is using the ClientConnect Software, we will prohibit and block such a User from accessing the ClientConnect Software and will make all efforts to promptly delete any Personally Identifiable Information with regard to such a User, as applicable. For more information about how ClientConnect complies with children’s privacy protection laws and further guidance, please see our Children’s Privacy Protection Policy at http://appstrm.com/ChildrenPrivacy


You may send us a request to access the Personally Identifiable Information that we may collect through your use of the ClientConnect Software. We may require that you provide us with additional information to verify your identity.

Data Retention.

We may delete your Personally Identifiable Information from our systems or anonymize it if we deem it no longer necessary for our reasonable business needs.

Transfer of Data Outside Your Territory.

The ClientConnect Software, by its nature as an online ‘software as a service’, may store and process information in various locations throughout the globe. If you are a resident of a jurisdiction where transfer of your personal information to another jurisdiction requires your consent, then you hereby provide us with your express consent to such transfer of your data.

Information Security.

We implement measures to secure your Personally Identifiable Information, to the extent collected, to minimize the risks of damage, loss of information, and unauthorized access or use of information. However, these measures are unable to provide absolute information security. Therefore, although we make efforts to secure your Personally Identifiable Information, we cannot guarantee and you cannot reasonably expect that the ClientConnect Software and its databases to be immune from any wrongdoings, malfunctions, unauthorized interceptions, or access, or other kinds of abuse and misuse.


You can uninstall the ClientConnect Software or Content embedded within it at any time. To uninstall Content (when the ClientConnect Software is not in Hide mode), simply go to the ClientConnect Software Options dialog box. To uninstall the ClientConnect Software, just use the standard uninstall processes that are available as part of your operating system (for example: add/remove programs in Windows, add-on removal in Firefox, etc.), or through your Internet Browser’s Settings/Options/Tools button, as applicable. Additional explanations are available in the EULA. Deactivation. You can deactivate the ClientConnect Software through its User interface and/or your Browser’s Settings/Options/Tools button, as applicable. Control over Preferences. You have full control over the ClientConnect Software and can modify your preferences at any time (including the Content you have added to the ClientConnect Software), from the Options dialog box of the ClientConnect Software in un-hide mode.

Changes to This Privacy Policy.

We may from time to time change this Policy. We encourage you to visit and review this Policy frequently to stay informed. If we implement substantial changes, they will take effect after we have posted an initial notification through the ClientConnect Software Options drop-down menu or through other reasonable means to notify you of the changes. Other changes, including amendments made to the Policy to comply with legal requirements, will become effective immediately upon their initial posting, or as required. ClientConnect will also update the "Last updated” date at the end of this Policy. You agree to be bound by any of the changes made to this Policy. Your continued use of the ClientConnect Software after the changes take effect will indicate your acceptance of the amended Policy. If you do not agree with any of the amended terms, you must avoid any further use of the ClientConnect Software.


If you have any concerns while using the ClientConnect Software, or if you believe that your privacy rights have been violated, please contact us by email at: privacy@appstrm.com.

Last updated: March 31, 2014